IPL Machines

An IPL machine is undoubtedly the single most advanced piece of equipment at the disposal of today‚Äôs good beauty salons. For removing unwanted hair, IPL is more effective than waxing, electrolysis or laser treatment. It gives magnificent results. This means you will have extremely happy clients … and build your salon’s reputation.

Unlike lasers, IPL can perform a number of different treatments, such as:
– Hair removal
– Vascular treatments (removing spider veins and cherry angiomas)
– Fine wrinkle removal
– Freckle, pigmentation and age spot removal
– Lighten acne scars
– Lighten skin complexion
– Skin rejuvenation and skin tightening
– Acne treatment

Optional features:

A number of machines come with an RF (Radio Frequency) option which is used at the same time as the IPL treatment. The advantage of combined IPL and RF treatment are as follows:
– Lower temperature treatments because RF is already heating the skin, which means more comfortable IPL treatments for the client.
– RF does not depend on pigmentation in the hair or skin. So it can be successfully used to remove lighter hairs and pigmentation, which can be a problem with traditional IPL machines