Let’s talk about what you need to know about machines

Is the power delivered by the machine enough?

Machines delivering anything under 50J/cm² are grossly underpowered, full stop. To put it simply, they do not have enough grunt to deliver good results. Those who have fallen for machines which produce 20, 30 or even 40J/cm² have found out the hard way. Simply they cannot perform the full spectrum of treatments. Venus Supplies does not sell those machines.

How fast or how often the pulse is delivered (pulse repetition rate)?

This is a very important point that will affect both your profits and your time. If your chosen machine can only flash every 5 seconds, then a treatment that takes 30 minutes, will take you 5 times the amount of time, that is two and a half hours. So your chosen machine must be able to repeat a flash every second. All Venus machines do that.

How long does the optical head light last … and can you test them?

Normally these last between 45-50000 shots (that’s a lot of shots). They can actually flash up to half million shots, but their efficiency will be as good as your camera’s flash. So do not be taken in by claims that some light bulbs last up to 200,000 shots. They will flash but not deliver results. We promise that an IPL light bulb will flash to 1,000,000 times BUT will that be effective? NO. So anything over 50,000 shots is not quite truthful.  The proof is in the eating of the pie. We are able to test the efficiency of your optical head with our special equipment on your premises, in your presence. You will see whether you need to replace the optical head or not.  At Venus Supplies we will not change the optical head for the sake of charging you money.

What range of wavelengths does the equipment cover and what treatments can the equipment undertake?

Your chosen equipment must be flexible enough to accommodate different treatments. This is achieved by either having different optical heads with different filters (which cover different wavelengths) or have one optical head with the ability to attach these filters manually. A machine with a single filter can perform certain treatments but will give rise to a lot of complications. All Venus machines can perform both Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

What is the possible pulse width and pulse delay?

The pulse width and pulse delay are very important variables to the treatment. These regulate how long the light remains on the skin and how long you give the skin to relax (or cool down). They are very important adjustments when you are treating clients of darker skin colour. If you chose a machine with “pre-set” or automatic as we call it in the business, then it is not sufficiently flexible enough, to be able to adjust these up or down then you will end up rejecting a lot of clients as well as burning others. All Venus machine incorporate variable controls so that you can customise you client’s treatment.

What is the size of the treatment beam or spot size?

Too small of a spot size then you need more shots to cover your treatment are. Too big of a spot size, will require much more power to deliver the required energy. Venus machines depending on the model, have different spot sizes, primarily smaller for skin treatments and larger for hair removal.

Does the equipment have built-in cooling systems to minimise skin damage as well as prolong the equipment’s life?

The best equipment on the market has a number of different ways of cooling down. IPLs store a lot of energy in their capacitors and release this after you trigger the optical head. This creates a reasonable amount of heat, within the machine. Cooling can take place in three different ways: by circulating water, by air and by semi-conductor. The best machines incorporate all three different ways. Machines that are under-cooled suffer with thermal blocks. This means that your machine will switch off and you will have to wait for it until it cools down. So you will not have a machine to use for the next few hours. All Venus machines incorporate all cooling methods.

Are your questions answered to your satisfaction, or is the sales person is waffling to get you to purchase?

Has the salesperson answered ALL your questions to your satisfaction? How knowledgeable is he/she? Have they just graduated from an unrelated sales job and become today’s IPL super sales person? Or are they the so called IPL consultants that will not charge you any fee because they would like to do a favour for you?  At Venus Supplies we know our subject extremely well. We will not waffle to sell a machine. Honesty is the best policy.


Have we missed something?  Let us know.