Refurbished Machines.

There are other suppliers who sell “refurbished” machines however not all are the same. Most of them, trade in machines like second-hand car dealers, shine them outside and off they go for sale.

At Venus Supplies ALL the available machines are refurbished by us to factory standards. At Venus we are not penny pinches… and WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS. Whatever it has to be done to bring machines to factory standard we do.

This includes:

• New handpieces for peace of mind. It takes the guesswork out of how many shots the hand-piece has done.
• Fully serviced and all components requiring replacement, replaced.
• And best of all you get ONE year’s warranty, the same as a new machine.

We offer all the above because we are confident in what we do.

We do not sell second hand clearance items. Others do, we don’t. Machines that have reached the end of their useful life are dismantled and disposed of. Not off loaded to customers. We afford the same courtesy to customers buying new or refurbished machines.

Venus Supplies is a trusted supplier to many beauty therapists and doctors in New Zealand so our reputation is very important to us.

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