Let’s talk about suppliers…

The machine or the supplier ??     That is the question…

Number one and foremost, INVESTIGATE your prospective supplier.

Is your prospective supplier a reputable one?

There is a new trend of certain self professed New Zealand “so called” suppliers who profess to be the saviours of IPL and Laser industry… by offering their newfound expertise  to the Beauty industry. A certain supplier, after selling a number of machines and dodging customers on repairs, disappeared to Australia leaving all those customers high and dry without consumables or spares. Our approach to that is: Beware, little knowledge is far more dangerous than no knowledge.  Pick up the phone and talk to your supplier. Find out who they are, what they do, what they do well and what they do not do well. Maybe your gut instinct will be right.

There are some further serious questions that you have to consider:

Are you being bombarded by unsolicited emails to purchase a top quality machine at rock bottom price? Tempted? Does your prospective supplier exist or is the company a flashy faraway website in another country?

The majority of those “sellers” are individuals using their smartphones, bombarding thousands of unsuspected Beauty therapists or Doctors and  trying their luck. If you bite all good. If not they have already send thousands of emails to clinics all over the world. Reputable manufacturers have established selling channels so they do not solicit individual customers.

Have you got a choice of machines? Or is it a “one size fits all” scenario? Is the supplier a specialist IPL distributor or general beauty products supplier or a fellow beauty therapist who sells machines as a side-line of her business? Someone who sells just one or two models cannot be a serious supplier.

Have you come across a car dealer who sells only one type of car? No. Why would you buy an IPL from a supplier when the only choice they give you is perhaps the colour of the machine? One type of machine definitely does not fit every situation. A small one is by definition a small machine. There is only so much you can do with it. Big machines are made for those who are serious about their IPL treatments and clients. Knowledgeable suppliers have a good range to accommodate their customers’ needs. Venus Supplies is a specialist company in IPL, Laser and LED machines. It is the core of our business. Now…how is a beauty therapist “part time machine seller” going to effectively deal with your problems?   The answer is very simple. When she finishes the next client or next week or when it suits her. So far it is not a technical matter… You are a business person as well and you know how many hours there are in one day. At Venus Supplies we get on with your problem straight away. Specialised suppliers carry their own spares and do their own service. How would you feel if your machine ends up at your trusted supplier’s premises or a subcontractor’s workshop for the next eight weeks? At Venus Supplies we carry our spares and we service our own machines without delays. No subcontractors involved.

What’s going to happen when you meet with a problem?

The machine arrived and does not work or a fault developed however small. What do you do? Do you get Joe the repair man who repairs every machine in New Zealand to fix your machine? Or you get in touch with your friendly internet seller?

Support and service are critical for your business. Every hour that your machine is out of action means lost income. There is no such thing as internet warranty or service. A lot of New Zealand suppliers find it difficult to service their machines let alone someone at the other side of the world who is interested only in selling a machine to you. It might not seem significant to you right now but if your machine fails, sending it to Australia or any other country abroad is not as easy and practical as you might think. Very difficult.  They can  send  spare parts to you. Who is going to fit them? Will they be the correct parts? Venus Supplies is a New Zealand based company ready to service your needs.

 Scaremongering Techniques…

Beware of those suppliers who live in a glass house and throw stones. The usual lines are: “ Our machines are not made in China, you wouldn’t want to touch anything made in China.. etc.” or “steer away from knockoff / inferior quality ones coming out of china”. Be real. We are fed up listening to that old story. The majority of electronics these days are made in 4 main countries. These are: China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Those suppliers who claim their machines do not contain Asian parts, or baptising their machines to something different or putting a New Zealand sticker on them , are plainly super economic with the truth. All machines irrespective of their origin contain a high proportion of Asian parts, so having someone telling you that their machine is superior, because are made in Europe or any other place come to that or has a New Zealand sticker, it under estimates your intelligence. You only have to think … computers, mobile phones, HiFi’s, Flat screen TVs, PlayStations etc. etc… Where are they made in??   At Venus Supplies we dare any supplier to prove that their machine is the thoroughbred that they are claiming. Be informed don’t let anyone sway you with misleading claims. Honesty is the best policy.

 “Our machine will make you rich in no time…” Yes it will. If you work 48 hours in 24 (and if the machine you bought will take the punishment.)

Don’t be taken in by some suppliers’ income projections. These are specifically created to make their machine look like a goldmine. You can’t really use an IPL machine for 8 hours a day, especially if you are a single operator. There are other treatments that you will need to provide. At Venus Supplies we believe that a realistic approach is to calculate your expected income (at least to start with) based on one or two treatments a day. Then and only then you will be able to say if the numbers really add up.

Will the supplier provide free full training, or do I have to pay extra?

We want to stress this. You should not spend any of your hard earned money to pay for training. This should be included in the price of the machine (not as an add-on and not limited) and should be thorough enough so that you will not need to spend even an extra cent for further training. What’s the point in having a machine that you are not able to fully use? Furthermore, what does it tell you about your supplier, if they have to send you somewhere else to be trained? Serious Lack of expertise.         At Venus Supplies we are American trained in IPL and Laser and you will receive first class training and is a condition of sale.

Are you thinking of embarking on an ITEC course or jumping on a plane for a super duper IPL Course in Australia?

You need to think about this, very carefully. They are very generalised courses that will provide you with an idea about IPL but it will not help you to start using an IPL machine. Most of these courses are being used as a marketing tool to sell you a machine. It is a condition of sale that you must undertake our training before the machine is delivered to you.

Why should I buy my IPL, Laser or LED Machine from you?

The answer is pretty simple. You will get an awful more value from us for your hard earned dollar. Consider the level of time commitment we are prepared to put in your business and try to match it to any other offer available on the market. We are technical people and have been around for many years. Our business evolves around machines only. Everything that we promise , we will deliver and  even exceed your expectations. Consider our pricing. We are not in the business of driving you out of business. We promise to provide you with quality equipment priced in an honest and fair way.

The bottom line is this:

Are you looking for a supplier with a “laid back attitude” or a “LAZY attitude” as we interpret it ourselves ? Then you are at the wrong place here. There is no room for a laid back attitude because eventually it is your business that will suffer.

Service and Support are the most important parts of your purchase. Not the machine. Being realistic, machines are machines and sometimes may break down. More or less like us. Sometimes we go sick. However if the supplier cannot repair your machine on time or takes six months to do the job then it is your business that will suffer. Secondly if your supplier cannot support you when you need them, then you will be picking up the pieces. Them have sold you the machine and you are another statistic.

Could you imagine being unwell and the next doctor’s appointment is in six months’ time? Ok… So why do you want to put up with that sort of suppliers ??