Let’s talk about us… Venus Supplies

We are the leading specialists in IPL, Laser, LED Therapy, other related beauty and medical equipment in New Zealand.


What we do…


·        Import and sell equipment directly to Clinics and Beauty salons.

·        Ensure that you are fully informed about your choices before you invest.

·        Keep supporting you as long as you need us.

·        Are American trained in IPL and Laser and will provide you with first class free training.

·        Carry spares for all our machines and do our own servicing.

·        Our promise is our bond. We will never backtrack.


What we don’t do…

  • We do not sell cosmetics, consumables or beauty salon furniture.

  • We do not employee canvassing sales people to pester customers.

  • We do not use subcontractors for servicing.

  • We will not send you somewhere else to be trained.

  • We do not promise anything we cannot deliver upon

  • We do not gloss over real facts.

  • We do not  have “laid back attitude”.  We respect your right to be able to operate without unwarranted delays.





 We are experts you can trust 


·        We source our equipment on their specification, performance, robustness, based on our extensive research and our expertise in the field.  We believe we have the largest knowledge IPL base in Australasia.

·        We visit factories to ascertain the quality of equipment, soundness of technology, compare to other manufacturers and when we are absolutely satisfied, then and only then we import.

·        We are not side tracked by equipment that bears a specific brand. That does not guarantee you anything.

·        As a reputable and responsible supplier, our purpose is to help you choose and enjoy your equipment for a long time.



Today, 15 years later since our first machine sale, we are still supporting and servicing original customers.    Our honesty has cost us the loss of prospective customers in the past because they were misinformed, misguided and fallen to false promises by other sellers. However all those who rightly decided to do business with us, will never buy equipment from another supplier.