Second hand Machines

Why buying a second hand IPL machine is a very unwise idea.

Here are the facts:

1. Unknown history. Irrespective of age, you do not know how the machine was used and whether it has been ever serviced PROPERLY. This is potentially dangerous both to your safety and your clients skin safety.

2. IPL machines are high powered machines and eventually components get tired because of the amount of high electric current travelling through the machine.

3. Machines used in large clinics are open to abuse, either being thrashed to make high profits or used by  untrained operators.

4. Some operators use third party consumables to cut corners.   Third party consumables are inferior and can cause permanent damage to the machine without warning, let alone potential skin damage to you clients. An IPL going wrong with  third party consumables will set you back for thousands if it is still repairable.

5. A second hand machine is not equivalent to a refurbished machine.  Second hand means a  machine as is with any potential problems that may give the buyer. A refurbished machine is a machine that has had all required components replaced, in order to bring it back to factory standard.

6. A second hand machine comes with no guarantee or  any warranty.

As a matter of principle, Venus Supplies will not back up or service a machine that has never been serviced by us or using third party consumables. 

Unlike others in the industry, we are not prepared to gloss over pertinent issues in order to sell a machine.  

If you are in doubt, before you buy a machine, please contact us for a machine history.

Buying a new machine or a refurbished one with a warranty and distributor back up, is the wisest choice.












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