Venus Laser Eraser 4

Venus Eraser 4Top of the range tattoo removal machine for those  operators who are serious about tattoo removal.  It can be also used for skin treatments.

  •   Laser type:Q-switched Nd yag laser
  •   Plug  in Laser handle for easy replacement.
  •   Dual frequency: 1064nm & 532nm to cater for different colours
  •   Energy density:400mj~1000mj adjustable (peak value up to 1500mj)
  •   Pulse width:10ns
  •   Pulse frequency:1-6Hz (10Hz available)
  •   Screen display 10.4 inch large colour touch screen display
  •   Cooling mode:Internal water circulation+double fans+ outside air cooling
  •   Power supply: AC230V/10A/50Hz
  •   Dimension:45×45×120cm
  •   Net Weight: 35 kgs
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